Coventry Board Meeting



3:04 p.m.



Board members in attendance:  Susan Kirkpatrick, Laurie Capece, Marie Hartnett, Gina Parson, Victor Cox             


Annual meeting on January 27th.  Looking at members who are planning to return, but also needing to trim the size of the board from 11 to 5 for liability insurance purposes. Parson inquired whether it was possible to have insurance company speak to board members.

The board is looking at contracts for landscaping and making sure the contracts are enforced in the future.

Laurie will provide additional information regarding budget and large projects from 2018 and the upcoming year. Sprinkler system, electrical, and drainage control structure at the front pond.

There is still a large hole on Grassington Way North.  The city repaired the spot, but the cones are still there and the hole is reappearing.


Meeting adjourned at 3:45 p.m.