Coventry Owner’s Association

Board Meeting

                                   Tuesday, February 8, 2011



      Call to order

Vice President Dan Ignarski called to order the meeting of the Coventry Owners Association, Inc. at 7:35 p.m. at his home.

      Roll call

The following persons were present:

Dan Ignarski, Vice President

Laurie Capece, Treasurer

Gina Parson, Secretary

Bonnie Watson, Member at Large

Gerry Geddings

Ron Grimes


       Open issues

            Election of new Board.  Capece will remain Treasurer, Parson will remain Secretary.  Ignarski will step up to President and Gerry Geddings will become Vice President.  Members at Large will be Bonnie Watson, Ron Grimes, Kathryn Garrow, Marie Hartnett, and Tara Frederick.

            Grimes will become Architectural Chairman and Point of Contact.

            Watson will become Landscaping Point of Contact and will reinstate the Yard of the Month.

            Kris Geddings will write a feature for the website on a monthly basis dealing with gardening/landscaping issues.

            Geddings suggested getting a drainage map to discover ownership of lake shared with Riverchase subdivision.

            Capece put in for an estimate for caps for brick wall.

            Board discussed removal of old bushes and plants at front entrance.

            Board will look into replacement of lights for Coventry sign.

            Board will also decide whether to repair our informational sign or purchase a more permanent sign to display.

            Suggestion to place note regarding cleaning of drains in neighborhood by residents.

            Parson will call regarding cleaning of drains by city, as well as to report sidewalk damage on Middleham.

            Grimes will check into getting a No Outlet sign for entrance.

            Grimes also suggested putting a request in for cleaning/inspection of pipes.

            Capece putting notice of dues letter in mail later in the week.

        Old business

            a)  Board currently waiting on a second estimate for tree trimming at front             entrance.

            b)  Next meeting scheduled for Tuesday, March 15th at 7:30.


Ignarski adjourned the meeting at 8:35 p.m.

Minutes submitted by:  Gina Parson, Secretary

Minutes approved by:  Dan Ignarski, President