Coventry Owner’s Association

Board Meeting

                                   Thursday, February 26, 2013



      Call to order

President Gerry Geddings called to order the meeting of the Coventry Owners Association, Inc. at 7:06 p.m. at his home.

      Roll call

The following persons were present:

Gerry Geddings, President

Howard Segal, Vice President

Laurie Capece, Treasurer

Gina Parson, Secretary

Bonnie Watson,  Member at Large




       Open issues

            Gathering proxies for annual meeting on Sunday, March 3rd. 30% of homeowners are required for a quorum. A suggestion was also made to collect emails.

            Vandalism is becoming an increasing issue in Coventry.  The Board discussed using surveillance cameras as a deterrent.  Starting a neighborhood watch, as well as joining the Sheriff’s Advisory Council was also suggested.

            Gedding has offered to maintain the Coventry website although he will no longer be a board member.

            The Board is also looking for more participation around the neighborhood for committees, such as Architectural and Landscaping.



Parson motioned to adjourn meeting at 7:40.  Capece seconded and the motion passed.

Minutes submitted by:  Gina Parson, Secretary

Minutes approved by:  Gerry Geddings, President